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Aleena Kaiser 2022-04-25 Answered

Show that gcd(a,b)=|a|ab?

haguemarineo6h 2022-04-25 Answered

Polynomial satisfying p(x)=3x for xN

Dashawn Clark 2022-04-25 Answered

How to solve a cyclic quintic in radicals?
Galois theory tells us that
z111z1=z10+z9+z8+z7+z6+z5+z4+z3+z2+z+1 can be solved in radicals because its group is solvable. Actually performing the calculation is beyond me, though - here what I have got so far:
Let the roots be ζ1,ζ2,,ζ10, following Gauss we can split the problem into solving quintics and quadratics by looking at subgroups of the roots. Since 2 is a generator of the group [2,4,8,5,10,9,7,3,6,1] we can partition into the five subgroups of conjugate pairs [2,9],[4,7],[8,3],[5,6],[10,1].
Once one has A0,,A4 one easily gets x1,,x5. It's easy to find A0. The point is that τ takes Aj to ζjAj and so takes Aj5 to Aj5. Thus Aj5 can be written down in terms of rationals (if that's your starting field) and powers of ζ. Alas, here is where the algebra becomes difficult. The coefficients of powers of ζ in A15 are complicated. They can be expressed in terms of a root of a "resolvent polynomial" which will have a rational root as the equation is cyclic. Once one has done this, you have A1 as a fifth root of a certain explicit complex number. Then one can express the other Aj in terms of A1. The details are not very pleasant, but Dummit skilfully navigates through the complexities, and produces formulas which are not as complicated as they might be. Alas, I don't have the time nor the energy to provide more details.

Jakayla Benton 2022-04-24 Answered

Show that π3 is transcendental

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