What is the value of x, if we have a triangle, where AB=3x−5, BC=2x+20, AC=4x−30...

Joyce Smith

Joyce Smith

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What is the value of x, if we have a triangle, where AB=3x5, BC=2x+20, AC=4x30 and the triangle is equilateral?

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Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown

Beginner2021-12-18Added 35 answers

We have a triangle: AB=3x5, BC=2x+20, AC=4x30
An equilateral triangle has the property that all sides have the same length as well as the angles.
Thus, we can pull all the three sides equal to each other:
x=25, this is the answer
Dawn Neal

Dawn Neal

Beginner2021-12-19Added 35 answers

As we have an an equilateral triangle, we know that all its sides have the same length. This means, we can make them equal to each other and solve for x

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