Pre-Algebra: solving equations with decimals

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Kale Mcclain 2022-05-02 Answered

Prove that n=1μ(n)10n is irrational

acceloq3c 2022-04-29 Answered

How would you graph 54 on a number line?

kabutjv7 2022-04-28 Answered

Prove 10P(n)2+1 is divisible by n

Philip Ramirez 2022-04-24 Answered

On the decimal expansion of

Some of you may remember solving equations with decimals by looking back at the school years, yet it is also easy to get lost in this seemingly simple pre-algebra field. If working with decimals sounds too complex to you or you require a reminder, have a look at the list of decimals questions and answers below to see how it is done.

At the same time, if you are still not sure about finding the right solution, start with the high school Math and see more than one solution as you seek similarities.