Writing Math – The Right Way

Many people are confused by how to express various things in math, or how to express them using a computer when certain formats are unavailable. This guide will attempt to help explain what various symbols mean.


Normally an exponent is written in “superscript”, that is a smaller version of the number going slightly above the top of the normal text.

Example: 53 62

On a computer using a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can make superscript by using the “font” specification (Check the individual help manual for more). When you cannot do this, however, you use a carrot d “^”.

Example: 5^3 6^2

Logarithmic Bases

In logarithms it is customary to write thebae in subscript, just like superscript but below the normal text as opposed to above it.

Example: Log35 Log26

You can get the subscript effect on a computer the same way as the superscript. When this isn’t available, though, it is customary to use brackets “[ ]” around the text to denote that it is indeed subscript.

Example: Log[3]5, Log[2]6

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