What is Trigonometry ?

Trig, in the lowest form, is using various ratios that are pre-recorded into your calculator as lists to find the lengths of various sides of a trinagle based on one of the angle’s values.

Think of Trig like the Pythagorean Theorem on steroids. No longer do you need two of the sides of a triangle, now an angle and one side will do to find Everything else about the Traingle.


This is the “standard” triangle that is used for basic trigonometry problems. You need to remember that the sides a, b and c are each opposite from their respective angels A B and C. You also should remember that angle C is a right angle (90 degrees) and side c is the hypotenuse which is the longest side.

Well, what’s next?

To continue, click one of the links below. Start with “Trigonometry: The Ratios”.

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