High school statistics questions and answers

Recent questions in High school statistics

  1. The Office of Prefect of Students conducted a survey to students to determine their preferred mode of learning. Out of 600 students, 365 favored synchronous online learning, 158 favored asynchronous, while the rest favored modular instruction. What is the probability that a randomly selected student favored:
  1. asynchronous mode of learning
  2. modular or asynchronous mode of learning?
  3. synchronous or modular mode of learning?
  4. neither synchronous nor asynchronous mode of learning?


A coin is tossed and a die is rolled, what is the probability of getting head in tossing a coin and getting an odd number when casting a fair die?


      3. A vase contains 8 pink, 9 purple, and 11 yellow tulips. You randomly choose a flower from the vase to take home. Your best friend randomly chooses another flower from the vase to take home. What is the probability that you choose pink tulips and your best friend chooses purple tulips?


      4. Ace is planning to enroll in short courses in TESDA. He plans to take Bread and Pastry Production, and Food and Beverage Service. The probability of finishing Bread and Pastry Production is 48%, and 53% for Food and Beverage Service. If the probability of finishing both courses is 40%, what is the probability of passing at least one course?


      5. According to DOST-FNRI, 24.7% of the population of Filipino elderly, 60 years old and above, are obese. If we select three elderly at random, what is the probability that all selected will be obese?