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Meta-Analysis Answered
gaiaecologicaq2 2022-07-16

I came here since I know this is the best place to ask a question.
I'm a first year student who changed his major to applied mathematics. In middle school I was a garbage math student, but I realized the importance of math in high school when I was introduced to amazing teachers who truly loved what they did. I put myself in tougher classes and eventually got to AP calculus. There was an error in my idea, I never really got a deep understanding of the stuff I was doing and was struggling since I didn't understand the basics and never really did practice problems.
This year I began to start over from scratch from pre-algebra working to pre-calculus. Even though I have already took Calculus.
I'm in a introduction to research class this semester and we are preforming a meta-analysis of some random topic and then presenting at the end of the semester. I'm really enjoying it, and I will definitely apply for more research as I progress through my undergraduate career. (Urge to Compute)
I know I'll probably never win a field's medal, but I'm really intimidated and humbled by the near perfect SAT math scores and Math Olympiad participants.
It's too late for me to have that, but the best quality I have is sticking with the concepts and problems until I can explain them to my dog. (Basically until I understand it)
I'm really sorry for the long post / soft question, I've just been thinking about this since 11th grade but never asked anyone about it.
Basically I'm just wondering if I'm wasting my time, and if there have been mathematicians that were in a similar situation. (Famous or not.)
Again, sorry for the soft question and thank you for taking the time to read this!

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