Finding real roots of P(x)=x8−x7+x2−x+15

Abbey Ellison

Abbey Ellison



Finding real roots of P(x)=x8x7+x2x+15

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2022-04-06Added 16 answers

we have to calculate no. of ral roots of x8x7+x2x+15=0
Solution: Let f(x)=x8x7+x2x+15, we check real solution in xR
If x0, then f(x)=x8x7+x2x+15>0
If 0<x<1, then f(x)=x8+x2(1x5)+(1x)+14>0
If x1, Then f(x)=x7(x1)+x(x1)+15>0
So we observe that f(x)=x8x7+x2x+15>0;xR
So f(x)=x8x7+x2x+1=0 has no real roots for all xR

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