Find the roots (real or complex) of the equation 2a2(1+cos⁡x)−(1+a2+b2)2=0,a,b∈R ATTEMPT: Solving for x, we...





Find the roots (real or complex) of the equation 2a2(1+cosx)(1+a2+b2)2=0,a,bR
ATTEMPT: Solving for x, we arrived with
However, I got stuck because of the required domain of arccos() which is [-1,1] while the expression (1+a2+b2)22a21 does not possibly be within this interval for arbitrary values of a and b. Sometimes I am tempted to say that no general solution exists even in C. Can anyone help me out?

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Brynn Ortiz

Brynn Ortiz


2022-01-31Added 12 answers

What you should know is arccosx, if the domain is [-1,1], it has real value, and if the domain isnt,

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