A matrix is defined as a rectangular array of numbers. Many of the arrays that...



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A matrix is defined as a rectangular array of numbers. Many of the arrays that you have worked have additional features, such as labels on the rows and columns or entries that are numbers with units. An array with additional features is technically not a matrix, instead we would call it a table. The difference between a matrix and a table is not vitally important in this unit, so we have worked with the underlying array of numbers and not worried about this technical detail. In more advanced courses in mathematics, like Linear Algebra, it will be important to be very precise about matrices. For now, describe and give examples of some of the ways a table can be different from a matrix. In your description and examples, be sure to include differences related to at least these three characteristics: entries, labels, and operations.

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In the table we can have labels but in the matrix representation we do not have a labels. We cannot perform the operations on tables but in matrices we сan perform the mathematical operations.
We can perform the mathematical operations on matrices.

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