Find the equation of the horizontal and vertical asymptotesFind the equations of the asymptotes for...

Jaylene Hunter

Jaylene Hunter



Find the equation of the horizontal and vertical asymptotes
Find the equations of the asymptotes for the following function:
x 2 + 8 x 2 9
My solution is the asymptotes are first to find the vertical asymptotes. To do this, I have to find the value that make expression undefined. As a result, the vertical asymptotes are x=−3 and x=3. To find the horizontal asymptotes, I have the compare the degrees of the numerator and the denominator, which result in y=1
My question is, how do I find the equations for the vertical and horizontal asymptotes? Thank you.

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2022-07-19Added 15 answers

An equation is a statement with an equal sign in it, so x=−3, x=3, and y=1 are all equations.
Thus, you have already found the equations of the asymptotes. Good job!

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