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State the parent function, transformations, domain and range.

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Robert Harris

Robert Harris

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Step 1 parent function
Parent function is a function that sustains the basic definition of the whole function. In other words, parent function is the root of the function which isbuild upon it.
the given function is f(x)=2|x|+3
here, the parent function in this equation is f(x)=|x|
Step 2 transformation
first the function |x| is multiplied by
then 3 is added to the function which lifts the graph along the y-axis by 3 units in the upward direction

Step 3 domain
The domain is the set of all values which a function can take so, in this function, all the real value can be taken hence, the domain of this function is R
Step 4 range the range is the set of all the values a function can give when we put the values of x where
xR in this equation, the range of a function is all the positive real numbers as mod changes every number into positive number.
so, f(x)R+

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