Find the indefinite integral. \int (x^{2}+2^{-x})dx



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Find the indefinite integral.

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Ayesha Gomez

Ayesha Gomez

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Step 1
Integration is summation of discrete data. The integral is calculated for the functions to find their area, displacement, volume, that occurs due to combination of small data.
Integration is of two types definite integral and indefinite integral. Indefinite integral are defined where upper and lower limits are not given, whereas in definite integral both upper and lower limit are there.
Step 2
The given integrand is (x2+2x)dx, use power rule to solve the integrand
=x33+2xln2(1)+C (using xndx=xn+1n+1)
Therefore, integration of (x2+2x)dx is x332xln2+C

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