The following 2 sets of data represent test scores in a morning and afternoon se



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The following 2 sets of data represent test scores in a morning and afternoon section of a math class.
Each of these sections has 15 students, whose test scores are given below
63, 74, 71, 54, 70, 83, 57, 78, 91, 84, 93, 73, 85, 87, 76
63, 79, 93, 88, 76, 85, 98, 66, 88, 74, 64, 89, 99, 95, 83
Construct a back-to-back stem-leaf plot to represent the distribution of the test scores for the morning and the afternoon classes.

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Liyana Mansell

Liyana Mansell

Skilled2021-09-16Added 97 answers

Step 1
Stem and leaf plot are a process of staging the frequency with indubitable class values.
A back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot is used to compare the distributions of two data sets by attaching two sets of leaves to the same stem.
The data for the first data set, i.e, Morning ranges from 54 to 93.
The data for the second data set, i.e, Evening ranges from 63 to 99.
Note: The stem are the digits at the tenths place and the leaves are the digits at the ones place that start with the corresponding stems.
Step 2
The back to back stem and leaf plot is shown as follows:

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