Know these terms. Explain in one sentence each what “randomized,” “double-blind,” and “placebo-controlled” mean in...



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Know these terms. Explain in one sentence each what “randomized,” “double-blind,” and “placebo-controlled” mean in the description of the design of the study.
Experiment basics. Identify the subjects, the explanatory variable, and several response variables for this study.

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Step 1
The study design is the framework used to collect and analyze data.
Step 2
The randomized study design is the study in which the researcher randomly assigns the participants in the control and experimental group. Both groups receive different treatments under the same conditions.
Step 3
A double-blind study is a study in which neither the participant nor the experimenter knows which group is getting what treatment. It completely removes any bias in the study.
Step 4
A placebo is similar to real medicine in appearance, however, it has no therapeutic properties. To evaluate the effect of a drug, researchers administer a placebo to one group and the drug to another group. Such studies are called placebo-controlled studies.

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