Assuming that, on average, 4 out of 5

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Dave Grace Manguilimotan

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Assuming that, on average, 4 out of 5 planes at Mactan International Airport arrive on schedule for a        particular time period, what is the probability that out of 8 planes, chosen at random:

        1.1) all 8 planes arrive on schedule?

        1.2) 5 arrive on schedule?

        1.3) at least 6 arrive on schedule?

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Skilled2022-04-26Added 333 answers

p=45=0.8,    q=1-p=0.2,    n = 8



1) Probability that all 8 planes arrive on schedule: 

P(X = 8) =8C8×(0.88)×(0.28-8)=1×0.1678×1=0.1678


2) Probability that 5 planes arrive on schedule: P(X=5)=8C5×(0.85)×(0.28-5)=56×0.3277×0.008=0.1468


3) Probability that at least 6 planes arrive on schedule:





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