Proving Similarity in the figure DEFG is a square. Prove the following:/_ADG~/_GCFGiven:The given figure is,12210202691.jpg



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Proving Similarity in the figure DEFG is a square. Prove the following:
The given figure is,

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Maciej Morrow

Maciej Morrow

Skilled2021-02-03Added 98 answers

Two triangles are similar if their vertices can be matched up so that corresponding angles are congruent. In this case corresponding sides are proportional.
If the two angles of the triangles are same then the third angle of the triangles have to be same,because the sum of angles in a triangle is 180. Therefore, the triangles are similar by AA rule if two angles are same.
It is given that DEFG is a square.
Consider ADGandGCF.
ADG=GCF both are 90.
And GFAB, thus, CGF=GAD as they are alternate angles.
Therefore, ADGGCF by AA rule.
Hence, it is proved that ADGGCF.

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