Magnetic force of attracting wiresTwo wires with equal current attract each other, but electrons in...

Greyson Landry

Greyson Landry



Magnetic force of attracting wires
Two wires with equal current attract each other, but electrons in the wires are moving with same speed (since currents are equal) and are relatively at rest. Then how is the magnetic field produced and the wires attracted?

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2022-07-18Added 13 answers

Current creates a magnetic field through one of the four “fundamental interactions of the universe”, namely the electromagnetic force. This manifests as electrical attraction/repulsion between two or more charges, and as magnetic attraction/repulsion between two or more currents.
Even though they appear to be two distinct types of forces, they both arise from a single quantum tensor - the electromagnetic tensor.
The equivalence becomes more clear when studying relativity and seeing that what is an electric field in one frame is a magnetic filed in another frame. The electric field as seen from the electron (which you mentioned is at rest in its own frame) is a magnetic field to us.

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