Prove if a relation is left-total and right-uniqueIn this exercise, we are dealing with Tuple...

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Sam Hardin



Prove if a relation is left-total and right-unique
In this exercise, we are dealing with Tuple sets.
So let M P ( A × N ) be the set of all legal tuple sets. P (X) denotes the power set of a set X. Now, Let the tuple set operation be defined as + so that +: M × M M.
Prove or disprove that + is left-total and right-unique.
These types of relations are uncommon in English, it seems. So, it's a bit difficult for me to understand how to prove it.
To my knowledge, a left-total relation means that, e.g. if x A y N ( x , y ) M, i.e. for every x A there exists (at least) one y N, so that ( x , y ) M.

Answer & Explanation

Maggie Bowman

Maggie Bowman


2022-07-04Added 14 answers

Step 1
Note that + is a function, and functions are just special cases of relations.
Hence, for left-totality of +, you wish to show that for any pair ( m 1 , m 2 ) M × M, that we can find m M where m 1 + m 2 = m (to use the usual conventions for operations). That is, essentially, left-totality for function relations amounts to ensuring each input has an output.
Step 2
At present, this is not satisfied. How would you define m 1 + m 2 for two tuples of different sizes? (I assume we add them in the "usual" way, namely pointwise.) For instance, if ( 1 , 2 ) , ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ) M, how would ( 1 , 2 ) + ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ) be defined? In fact even if M is limited to tuples of the same size, you won't necessarily have the desired property unless A is closed under addition.
Right-uniqueness is another property expected of functions (notice how these two relate? We're showing + is a function!); namely, any input goes to at most one output. Whenever the addition of tuples is defined, then it inherits this property from that of the addition of elements of + (if present).

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