Make and solve the given equation x dx + y dy=a2x dy − y dxx2



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Make and solve the given equation x dx + y dy=a2x dy  y dxx2 + y2

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Corben Pittman

Corben Pittman

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Given:x dx + y dy=a2x dy  y dxx2 + y2
x dx + y dy=a2(x dy  y dxx2 + y2)
=a2[x dy  y dxx2x2 + y2x2]
=a2[d(yx)1 + y2x2]
=a2[d(yx)1 + (yx)2]
  xdx +  ydy=a2  [d(yx)1 + (yx)2] + C where C is a constant
 x22 + y22=a2 tan1(yx) C [sin ce  dxx2 + a2=1a2 tan1xa + c]
Hence the solution of the given differential equation is x2 + y2=2a2tan1(yx)

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