Which of the following statements is correct?a.) With a larger sample, the mean differences examined...

Cece Adonai

Cece Adonai





Which of the following statements is correct? 


a.)  With a larger sample, the mean differences examined here would increase (all other parameters remaining the same). 


b.) If the standard deviations of the variable "Δ anxiety TSST" in both groups were smaller than those reported here, the t-value for the mean comparison of these variables would be larger (all other parameters being equal).


 c)  If, in addition to male and female adolescents, adolescents of diverse genders had also been interviewed, the t-test would no longer have been applicable. i


.e.)  If it turned out that some questionnaires were incorrectly scored and the mean values for perceived stress in the group of high self-compassion were greater than 27.50, this would increase the t-value for the comparison of means (all other parameters being equal ). e.


 d) To compare negative and positive affect within the group of people with low self-compassion, a one-sample t-test would be used.

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Ian Adams

Ian Adams


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