\(\begin {array}{|c|c|}\hline\text{ Subgroup of Participants }&\text{ Supine SBP Mean (SD) }&\te



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 Subgroup of Participants  Supine SBP Mean (SD)  Standing SBP Mean (SD)  Percent with > 5.0 Decrease  Percent with > 5.0 Increase  White women (N = 301) 120.4(18.4)120.0(18.8)32.6%32.2% African-American women (N = 107) 122.7(19.3)122.8(19.4)30.2%31.9% White men (N = 339) 121.2(18.9)120.2(19.9)39.5%25.6% African-American men (N = 95) 124.7(20.4)125.9(21.6)13.7%51.3% Total (N = 842) 121.5(19.0)121.1(19.5)29.8%
Would it be possible to analyze data in table 2 with a chi-square test? if yes, specify how

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Beginner2022-03-05Added 9 answers

Chi-square test for independence:
The chi-square test for independence is to determine whether one variable can help to determine the values of other variable.
Thus, the study seeks to find whether there is any association between the two categories.
In other words, the study aims to test whether these two categories are independent or not.
The two variables should be categorical and the variables should represent counts.
Here, none of the groups represents counts.
The expected distribution of the data is also not specified.
Therefore, chi-square test is not appropriate for the given data.

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