Data MiningWhich of the following steps are done before data modeling? SELECT ONEData cleaningData reductionData...

Abbie Mcgrath

Abbie Mcgrath



Data Mining 
Which of the following steps are done before data modeling? SELECT ONE 
Data cleaning 
Data reduction 
Data transformation 
All of the above

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2022-01-24Added 21 answers

The following major steps are involved in data mining.
1. Define the problem.
2. Identify the required data
3. Data pre processing
4. Data modelling.
5. Train and test the model.
6. Verify and deploy.



2022-01-25Added 13 answers

Before the the data modelling steps there is a data preprocessing step.
In data mining data preprocessing involve the following steps or techniques.
1. Data cleaning.
2. Data integration.
3. Data transformation.
4. Data reduction.
5. Discretization.
Hence before data modelling in the data preprocessing steps Data cleaning, Data reduction, Data transformation are done.
The option All of the above is correct.

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