Geometry is, simply put, the study of shapes. Things like angles, similarity, and area. Of course, geometry is a bit more advanced than just multiplying length times height. You'll also get into conjectures and proofs, which help you prove that various things are related to each other. On top of all Read More


What are Congruency and Similarity?

Congruency and Similarity (saying that two things are congruent or similar) are two words that mathematicians use to comment on how two shapes are related. They appear a lot in proofs and constructions, and sometimes in everyday life. Similarity Similarity is when we say that two things are the Read More


What are Complementary and Supplementary Angles?

Complementary and Supplementary angles are two types of pairs of angles that appear throughout geometry. Angles are complementary if all of their measures add up to 90 degrees, or a right angle. A pair of angles are supplementary if all of their measures add up to 180 degrees, or a straight line. Read More