Determine whether the series sum a_n an converges or diverges: Use the Alternating Series Test. sum_{n=2}^infty(-1)^nfrac{n}{ln(n)}

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Determine whether the series an an converges or diverges: Use the Alternating Series Test.

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Consider the series n=2(1)nnln(n)
Take an=(1)nnln(n) and bn=nln(n)
The Alternating series test is stated below:
Suppose the series an and either an=(1)nbn or an=(1)n+1bn where bn0 for all n. Then if,
2. {bn} is a decreasing sequence
The series is convergent.
Check the first condition for series convergent.
The value of the limit is in the indeterminate form.
Apply LHopitals rule to find the limit as follows.
Observe that, the limit of the sequence goes to infinity as x goes to infinity. Thus, the series does not converges.
The divergence test states that, "If limnan0 then the series an will diverge".
Since limnbn0, the limit of the function an=(1)nnln(n) also not equal to zero as x goes to zero. That is, limnan0.
By divergence test, it is concluded that the alternating series n=2(1)nnln(n) diverges.
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Jeffrey Jordon

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