Determine whether g(x)=x32−x2+2 is a polynomial. If it is, state its degree. If not, say...



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Determine whether g(x)=x32x2+2 is a polynomial. If it is, state its degree. If not, say why it is not a polynomial. If it is a polynomial, write it in standard form. Identify the leading term and the constant term.

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Demi-Leigh Barrera

Demi-Leigh Barrera

Skilled2021-02-04Added 97 answers

Step 1
Step 2
Convert element to fracnion: x2=x222,2=2×22
Since the denominators are equal, combine the fractions: ac±bc=a±bc
Multiply the numbers: 2×2=4
Hence, it is a polynomial with its degree 3,
Step 3
Now, convert 3 degree polynomial into standard form which is
Standard form g(x)=x322x2+0x+2
Leading term 12
Constant term 2
Jeffrey Jordon

Jeffrey Jordon

Expert2022-07-06Added 2575 answers

Answer is given below (on video)

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