How do you know if y=16−4x2 pens up or down?

Alvin Pugh

Alvin Pugh



How do you know if y=164x2 pens up or down?

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Step 1
All you need to know in the orientation of a parabola is to check the ax2 term.
What determines how a quadratic opens is that a value. The smaller the value, the wider the parabola, but the larger the value, the skinnier the parabola.
Low values indicate small increases, large values indicate steep and large increases. Self explanatory.
Referring to this term: ax2
If a>0 then the parabola would open upwards.
If a<0 then the parabola would open downwards.
And if a=0 then there would be no parabola.
If y=164x2 was rewritten to y=4x2+16. It can be easily visible that this particular parabola opens downward.

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