Complete the table by the use of indicated operations.MonomialsAddSubtractMultiplyDivide6x, 3x6x+3x=9x6x−3x=3x6x⋅3x=18x26x3x=2−12x2, 2x−12x2−2x, can't be simplified−12x2⋅2x=−24x3−12x22x=−6x5a, 15a4y2,



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Complete the table by the use of indicated operations.

MonomialsAddSubtractMultiplyDivide6x, 3x6x+3x=9x6x3x=3x6x3x=18x26x3x=212x2, 2x12x22x, can't be simplified12x22x=24x312x22x=6x5a, 15a4y2, 4y33y5, 9y414x2, 2x2​​​​​​​

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Step 1
Given: the given monomial is 3y5 and 9y4
Addition: 3y5+9y4
Subtraction: 3y59y4
Multiplication: 3y59y4=27y5+4=27y9
Division: 3y59y4=y3
Hence the completed table is given below.

\(\begin{array}{|c|c|}\hline \text{Monomials} & \text{Add} & \text{Subtract} & \text{Multiply} & \text{Divide} \ \hline -3y^{5},\ 9y^{4} & -3y^{5}+9y^{4}\text{cant

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