What is the value of k in the function f ( x ) = 112...



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What is the value of k in the function f ( x ) = 112 - k x if f ( - 3 ) = 121 ?

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Juliette Mahoney

Juliette Mahoney

Beginner2023-02-23Added 6 answers

Determine the least Count.
Least Count:
The smallest value that a measurement tool can measure is its least count. This least count is also known as the mistake associated with the instrument's resolution.
Least count formula:
We apply the formula below to obtain the lowest count.
The least count =Division's magnitude divided by the number of divisions required to achieve that magnitude Meter Scale's lowest count
Considering the magnitude of 1cm in the case of a meter scale. The total number of divisions reached is10.
So, the formula for calculating the least count is as follows:
Hence, the least count on the meter scale is 0.1cm or 1mm.

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