A rope is cut into three pieces P, Q, and R. The lengths of the pieces are in the ratio 3:5:7. If the rope is 33 feet 9 inches long, find the length of P, Q, and R.

Ratios, rates, proportions
asked 2021-03-06
A rope is cut into three pieces P, Q, and R. The lengths of the pieces are in the ratio 3:5:7. If the rope is 33 feet 9 inches long, find the length of P, Q, and R.

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Since 1 ft=12im, then 33ft=396in. Hence, 33ft 9in = 405 inches. Using the ratio, let the prices be 3x,5x, and 7x, all in inches.
So, we can write and solve for x: 3x+5x+7x=405
So, the lengths of P,Q and R are: \(\displaystyle{P}\to{3}{\left({27}\right)}={81}\) inches or 6 ft 9in
\(\displaystyle{Q}\to{5}{\left({27}\right)}={135}\) inches or 11 ft 3 in
\(\displaystyle{R}\to{7}{\left({27}\right)}={189}\)inches or 15 ft 9 in

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