(-4, k), (6, -7) , m = -1/5

Vectors and spaces
asked 2020-12-24
(-4, k), (6, -7) , m = \(\displaystyle-\frac{{1}}{{5}}\)

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Use the slope formula: \(\displaystyle{m}=\frac{{{y}{2}-{y}{1}}}{{{x}{2}-{x}{1}}}\)
Substitute (x1,y1)=(-4,k),(x2,y2)=(6,-7), and m=\(\displaystyle-{\left(\frac{{1}}{{5}}\right)}\)
Multiply both sides by -10
\(\displaystyle-{\left(\frac{{1}}{{5}}\right)}-{10}=\frac{{-{7}-{k}}}{{10}}\cdot{\left(-{10}\right)}\) 2=7+k -5=k k=-5
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