Solve |ln(x + 3)| = 1. Give your answers in exact form.

Solve |ln(x + 3)| = 1. Give your answers in exact form.

asked 2021-02-04
Solve \(\displaystyle{\left|{\ln{{\left({x}+{3}\right)}}}\right|}={1}\). Give your answers in exact form.

Answers (1)

We are given \(\displaystyle{\mid}{\ln{{\left({x}+{3}{\mid}={1}\right.}}}\)
Since the left side is an absolute value expression and the right side is positive, there are two possible equations:
\(\displaystyle{\ln{{\left({x}+{3}\right)}}}=-{1}\ {\ln{{\left({x}+{3}\right)}}}={1}\)
\(\displaystyle{x}+{3}={e}^{{-{{1}}}}\ {x}+{3}={c}^{{1}}\)
\(\displaystyle{x}+{3}=\frac{{1}}{{c}}\ {x}+{3}={e}\)
\(\displaystyle{x}=\frac{{1}}{{c}}-{3}\ {x}={e}-{3}\)
So, the solutions are:

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