The cash account is increased with a ....

Ratios, rates, proportions
asked 2021-03-06
The cash account is increased with a ....

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Cash accounts are increased with debits and decreased with credits.

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Monica cashed her paycheck at Ready Cash. The fee at Ready Cash to cash a check is 10% of the amount of the check. Her paycheck was $538. How much was the fee for Monica to cash her paycheck?
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Charlie is a landscaper. He needs a new lawn mower that costs $545. He had $150 in his checking account. Then he deposited checks for $120, $46, $97, $122, and $88. If he buys the lawn mower, how much will he have left in his account?
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Ms. Donahue rents a space in the mall for her store. The mall owner just increased the amount of her rent. As a result, Ms. Donahue decided to raise all the prices in her store by 5%. What is the new price of an item that had an original price of $80?
A. $84
B. $85
C. $120
D. $160
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Find the amount of simple interest earned in one year on an account that has an interest rate of 3.2% and a principal of $250.
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Last month, Finch Bird Supplies reported sales of $12,315.00. Sales increased by 36 percent this month. Therefore, sales this month were
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A small drugstore orders copies of a certain magazine for it magazine rack each week. Let X=demand for the magazine, with pmf
Suppose the store owner actually pays $1.00 for each copy of the magazine and the price to customers is $2.00. If magazines left at the end of the week have no salvage value, is it better to order three or four copies of the magazine?
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Melanie mixes water with plant fertilizer in a proportional relationship that can be represented by the equation w = 3p, where w is the number of quarts of water and p is the number of tablespoons of plant fertilizer. To keep this suggested ratio, should Melanie mix 1 quart of water for every 3 tablespoons of fertilizer or 3 quarts of water for every 1 tablespoon of fertilizer? Explain.
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Finance bonds/dividends/loans exercises, need help or formulas
Some of the exercises, calculating the Ri is clear, but then i got stuck:
A security pays a yearly dividend of 7€ during 5 years, and on the 5th year we could sell it at a price of 75€, market rate is 19%, risk free rate 2%, beta 1,8. What would be its price today? 2.1 And if its dividend growths 1,7% each year along these 5 years-what would be its price?
A security pays a constant dividend of 0,90€ during 5 years and thereafter will be sold at 10 €, market rate 18%, risk free rate 2,5%, beta 1,55, what would be its price today?
At what price have i purchased a security if i already made a 5€ profit, and this security pays dividends as follows: first year 1,50 €, second year 2,25€, third year 3,10€ and on the 3d year i will sell it for 18€. Market rate is 8%, risk free rate 0,90%, beta=2,3.
What is the original maturity (in months) for a ZCB, face value 2500€, required rate of return 16% EAR if we paid 700€ and we bought it 6 month after the issuance, and actually we made an instant profit of 58,97€
You'll need 10 Vespas for your Parcel Delivery Business. Each Vespa has a price of 2850€ fully equipped. Your bank is going to fund this operation with a 5 year loan, 12% nominal rate at the beginning, and after increasing 1% every year. You'll have 5 years to fully amortize this loan. You want tot make monthly installments. At what price should you sell it after 3 1/2 years to lose only 10% of the remaining debt.
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The demand function for a commodity is Q = 6000 - 30P, with P the price and Q the number of units. Fixed costs are R 72 000 and the variable cost is R 60 per additional unit produced. Dtermine the price at which profit is a maximum and calculate the maximum profit.
asked 2021-02-18
Mr. Maxwell bought new basketball shows with the discount shown. He has a $10-off coupon he can use after the percentage off. If Mr. Maxwell bought the shows for $61.25, what was the original price?
A. If the shoes are discounted 25%, what percent of the original price is the original price?
25% discount is the same as □□% of the original price.
B. Fill in the boxes to set up the equation to find the original price of the shoes.
□□% ⋅⋅ Original Price −=61.25−=61.25
C. What would be the price without a $10-off coupon?
61.25+□=□61.25+□=□ $_____