Describe the summary of the perfomance of eight graders nationwide.

Describe the summary of the perfomance of eight graders nationwide.

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On describing the peak ness in shape of distribution, then it is termed as modality of the distribution.
And thus Based on the number of peaks, the modality is classified into three types namely unimodal, bimodal and multimodal.
Unimodal: The number of peak is one.
Bimodal: The number of peak is two.
Multimodal: The number of peak is three or more than three.
From the histogram obtained part (b) it is observed that, it has only one peak and hence it is considered as roughly unimodal in nature with left skewed distribution.
The distribution has center value at 283, among 50 percent of the data lies between the range 278 to 288 and the overall range of the histogram lies from 265 to 299. There are several low performance scores namely California, west Virginia, New Mexico, Alabama and Mississippi also because of these low scores the mean is lowerthan.the median.

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