A farmer sells corn for $6.00/bu and soybeans for $15.00/bu. The entire 3150 bu sells for $22,950. How much of each is sold?

Equations and inequalities
asked 2021-03-07
A farmer sells corn for $6.00/bu and soybeans for $15.00/bu. The entire 3150 bu sells for $22,950. How much of each is sold?

Answers (1)

Let x be the number of bushels of corns and y be the number of bushels of soybeans.
There is a total of 3150 bushels:
The total amount sold is $22950:
6x+15y = 22950
Solve for y using (1) to obtain (3): y=3150-x
Substitute (3) to (2) and solve for x: \(\displaystyle{6}{x}+{15}{\left({3150}—{x}\right)}={22950}\)
6x + 47250 — 15x = 22950ZSK
Solve for y using (3):
y = 3150-2700
y= 450
So. 2700 bushels of corn and 450 bushels of soybeans were sold.

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