A building code requires one square foot (sq ft) of net-free vent area (NFVA) for every 300 sq ft of attic space. How many square feet of NFVA are required for a 1620-sq-ft attic?

A building code requires one square foot (sq ft) of net-free vent area (NFVA) for every 300 sq ft of attic space. How many square feet of NFVA are required for a 1620-sq-ft attic?

Discrete math
asked 2021-02-12
A building code requires one square foot (sq ft) of net-free vent area (NFVA) for every 300 sq ft of attic space. How many square feet of NFVA are required for a \(\displaystyle{1620}-{s}{q}-{f}{t}\) attic?

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Multiply by the area of the attic by the conversion factor: \(\displaystyle{1}{s}{q}{f}{t}{o}{f}{N}{F}{V}\frac{{A}}{{300}}{s}{q}{f}{t}\) of attic space: PSK \(\displaystyle{1620}{s}{q}{f}{t}\cdot\frac{{{1}{s}{q}{f}{t}{o}{f}{N}{F}{V}{A}}}{{{300}{s}{q}{f}{t}{o}{f}{a}{\mathtt{{i}}}{c}{s}{p}{a}{c}{e}}}={5.4}{s}{q}{f}{t}\) of NFVA

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