Ignacio Riggs

Ignacio Riggs



You have 4 quarts of milk. How many liters is this? (1 quart equals about 0.946 L.)

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Answer & Explanation

Layton Leach

Layton Leach


2022-10-16Added 15 answers

4  quarts  = 3.784 L
We have given in the question,
1 quart equals about 0.946 L
1  quart  = 0.946 L
thus, for finding value of 4 quarts multiply 4 on both the sides of the above equation.
4 × 1  quart  = 4 × 0.946 L
4  quarts  = 3.784 L
Hence, in the 4 quarts of milk contains 3.784 L of milk.

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