Find the slope of any line perpendicular to the line passing through (30,39) and (54,20)

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Haylie Campbell

Haylie Campbell


2022-09-06Added 13 answers

For the given points, we have
XXX x ̲ xxx y ̲ 30 39 54 20 XX XX Δ x ̲ Δ y ̲ - 24 19

By definition the slope of the line connecting these point is
XXX Δ y Δ x = - 19 24

Furthermore, if a line has a slope of m then any line perpendicular to it has a slope of ( - 1 m )

Therefore any line perpendicular to the line through the given points
must have a slope of ( - 1 ( - 19 24 ) ) = 24 19

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