What is the probability that a seven-digit phone number contains the number 7?

What is the probability that a seven-digit phone number contains the number 7?

asked 2021-01-15
What is the probability that a seven-digit phone number contains the number 7?

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Assuming that the number 7 must appear at least once, we find its complement first, which is not a phone number with number 7. The probability of not having a 7 is 9/10 (there are 10 possible digits). Hence,
Hence, the probability that there is at least 1 number 7 is:
P(at least one 7)=1-P(no 7)
P(at least one 7)=\(\displaystyle{1}-{\left(\frac{{9}}{{10}}\right)}^{{7}}\)
P(at least one 7)\(\displaystyle\sim{0.522}\to{52.2}\%\)

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