Modeling: Draw models to represents 3/4 and 2(3/5).

Modeling: Draw models to represents 3/4 and 2(3/5).

asked 2020-11-23
Modeling: Draw models to represents \(\displaystyle\frac{{3}}{{4}}\) and \(\displaystyle{2}{\left(\frac{{3}}{{5}}\right)}\).

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The model for the fraction \(\displaystyle\frac{{3}}{{4}}\) is shown below. You can thing a circular pizza. Now divide it 4 equal slices. Then \(\displaystyle\frac{{3}}{{4}}\) represent three pizza slice.
The model for the fraction \(\displaystyle{2}{\left(\frac{{3}}{{5}}\right)}\). First note that
You can think you have three circular pizzas. Now divide it each pizza by 5 equal slices. Then you have total \(\displaystyle{5}{x}{3}={15}\) slices. Then \(\displaystyle{2}{\left(\frac{{3}}{{5}}\right)}\) represent total 13 pizza slices. That meants two complete pizza and three slices from the third pizza.

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Modeling: Draw models to represents \(\displaystyle{\frac{{{3}}}{{{4}}}}\) and \(\displaystyle{2}{\frac{{{3}}}{{{5}}}}.\)
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