A taxi travels between two cities A and B, which are 100km apart. There are service stations at A and B and at the midpoint of the route. If the taxi

asked 2020-10-26
A taxi travels between two cities A and B, which are 100km apart. There are service stations at A and B and at the midpoint of the route. If the taxi breaks down, it does so at random at any point along the route between the cities. If a tow truck is dispatched from the nearest service station, what is the probability that it has to travel more than 15 km to reach the taxi

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The servise stations at A and B each cover 15 km of the road, while the service station covers 30 km of the road (15 km to each side). Therefore, the total length of the road which is covered is 60 km. So, 40 km of the road is not covered. This means that the probability is
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