What is the sum answer of (1/3)93?

What is the sum answer of (1/3)93?

asked 2020-11-12
What is the sum answer of \(\displaystyle{\left(\frac{{1}}{{3}}\right)}{93}\)?

Answers (1)

Given: \(\displaystyle{\left(\frac{{1}}{{3}}\right)}{9}^{{3}}\)
Let us first evaluate the third power of 9, which is equal to \(\displaystyle{9}^{{3}}={9}\cdot{9}\cdot{9}={729}.\)
Next, we need to determine one third of 729, which is equvalent to dividing 729 by 3. \(\displaystyle=\frac{{729}}{{3}}\)
Finally, dividing 729 by 3 results in 243:

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