Trigonometric Functions
asked 2021-03-06

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asked 2021-02-11
Which statement cannot be true? Explain.
A. \(\displaystyle{\sin{{A}}}={0.5}\)
B. \(\displaystyle{\sin{{A}}}={1.2654}\)
C. \(\displaystyle{\sin{{A}}}={0.9962}\)
D. PSKsin A = 3/4
asked 2021-02-09
Let theta be an angle in standard position, \(\displaystyle{\sin{\theta}}{<}{0},{\cos{\theta}}{>}{0}\). Name the quadrant in which theta lies.
asked 2021-02-09
Given the following information about one trigonometric function, evaluate the other five functions.
\(\displaystyle{\cos{{u}}}=\frac{{5}}{{13}}\) , where \(\displaystyle{0}\le{u}\le\frac{\pi}{{2}}.\)
asked 2021-02-09
Find the values of the other trigonometric functions of theta if \(\displaystyle{\cot{\theta}}=-\frac{{4}}{{3}}{\quad\text{and}\quad}{\sin{\theta}}{<}{0}\).
asked 2020-12-28
If \(f(\theta) = \sin \theta = 0.2\)
Find \(f(\theta + \pi)\)
asked 2021-02-05
Find the derivative of
\(y=\sin(\pi x)\)
asked 2021-01-08
What is the path that traces the circle in the plane =1 with radius =5 and center (−7,1,1) with constant speed 15?
asked 2021-03-12
When using the half-angle formulas for trigonometric functions of \(alpha/2\), I determine the sign based on the quadrant in which \(alpha\) lies.Determine whether the statement makes sense or does not make sense, and explain your reasoning.
asked 2020-12-02
Find derivative of trigonometric function \(y=(3(1-sin x))/(2cos x)\)
asked 2021-01-23
The two trigonometric functions defined for all real numbers are the_________ function and the_______ function. The domain of each of these functions is________ .