What is the improper fraction for 9/6

What is the improper fraction for 9/6

asked 2020-12-22
What is the improper fraction for \(\displaystyle\frac{{9}}{{6}}\)

Answers (1)

An improper fraction is a fraction with a numerator greater than the denominator. The fraction \(\displaystyle\frac{{9}}{{6}}\) is then an improper fraction but it is not a simplified improper fraction.
To simplify the fraction, we need to find a common factor that we can divide out. Since both 9 and 6 have a common factor of 3, we can then factor the numerator and denominator of the
fraction to \(\displaystyle\frac{{9}}{{6}}=\frac{{{3}{\left({3}\right)}}}{{{2}{\left({3}\right)}}}\). Dividing out the common factor of 3 then gives \(\displaystyle\frac{{9}}{{6}}=\frac{{{3}{\left({3}\right)}}}{{{2}{\left({3}\right)}}}=\frac{{3}}{{2}}\)

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