To explain:Whether the samples are independent or dependent.

To explain:Whether the samples are independent or dependent.

Significance tests
asked 2021-03-06
To explain:Whether the samples are independent or dependent.

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In this study the researcher has randomly selected 8 subjects to determine about the effectiveness of the pain medication. First the eight subjects are asked to give the scale about the pain and after one hour the same subjects are asked to give the scale based on the pain medication. This implies that the same subjects are treated twice for the study and the scale is recorded, and the samples are dependent samples.
Thus, the samples are dependent samples.

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A two-sample inference deals with dependent and independent inferences. In a two-sample hypothesis testing problem, underlying parameters of two different populations are compared. In a longitudinal (or follow-up) study, the same group of people is followed over time. Two samples are said to be paired when each data point in the first sample is matched and related to a unique data point in the second sample.
This problem demonstrates inference from two dependent (follow-up) samples using the data from the hypothetical study of new cases of tuberculosis (TB) before and after the vaccination was done in several geographical areas in a country in sub-Saharan Africa. Conclusion about the null hypothesis is to note the difference between samples.
The problem that demonstrates inference from two dependent samples uses hypothetical data from the TB vaccinations and the number of new cases before and after vaccination. \(\begin{array}{|c|c|} \hline Geographical\ regions & Before\ vaccination & After\ vaccination\\ \hline 1 & 85 & 11\\ \hline 2 & 77 & 5\\ \hline 3 & 110 & 14\\ \hline 4 & 65 & 12\\ \hline 5 & 81 & 10\\\hline 6 & 70 & 7\\ \hline 7 & 74 & 8\\ \hline 8 & 84 & 11\\ \hline 9 & 90 & 9\\ \hline 10 & 95 & 8\\ \hline \end{array}\)
Using the Minitab statistical analysis program to enter the data and perform the analysis, complete the following: Construct a one-sided \(\displaystyle{95}\%\) confidence interval for the true difference in population means. Test the null hypothesis that the population means are identical at the 0.05 level of significance.

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Indicate true or false for the following statements. If false, specify what change will make the statement true.
a) In the two-sample t test, the number of degrees of freedom for the test statistic increases as sample sizes increase.
b) When the means of two independent samples are used to to compare two population means, we are dealing with dependent (paired) samples.
c) The \(\displaystyle{x}^{{{2}}}\) distribution is used for making inferences about two population variances.
d) The standard normal (z) score may be used for inferences concerning population proportions.
e) The F distribution is symmetric and has a mean of 0.
f) The pooled variance estimate is used when comparing means of two populations using independent samples.
g) It is not necessary to have equal sample sizes for the paired t test.
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Prove an example of two independent samples and another example of dependent samples providing your reasoning To compare two means or two proportions, one works with two groups. The group are classfied either aas independent or matched pairs. Independent groups meam that the two samples taken are independent, that is, sample values selected from one population are not related in any way to sample values selected from the other population. Matched pairs consist of two samples that are dependent. The parameter tested using matched pairs is the population mean. The parameters tested using independent groups are either population means or population proportion.