What is the x intercept of yx=6 x^2/2+4x?

tamolam8 2022-09-12 Answered
What is the x intercept of y x = 6 x 2 2 + 4 x ?
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Answers (1)

Willie Smith
Answered 2022-09-13 Author has 18 answers
The x-intercept is the value(s) of x when y=0

y x = 6 x 2 2 + 4 x
when y=0 is equivalent to
3 x 2 + 4 x = 0

This factors as

with solutions
x = 0 and x = - 4 3

Alternate way of looking at it
y x = 6 x 2 + 4 x
can be simplified by dividing by x
provided x 0

In this case we would have the linear equation (graph below)
(with the solution x = - 4 3 when x 0 )

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