2^{3}times 3^{3}

2^{3}times 3^{3}

Factors and multiples
asked 2021-01-31

Answers (1)

\(\displaystyle{2}^{{{3}}}={2}\times{2}\times{2}={4}\times{2}={8}{\quad\text{and}\quad}{3}^{{{3}}}={3}\times{3}\times{3}={9}\times{3}={27}.\) Therefore \(\displaystyle{23}\times{33}={8}\times{27}={216}.\) You could also find the value using the Power of a Product Rule \(\displaystyle{\left({a}{b}\right)}{m}={a}^{{{m}}}\times{b}^{{{m}}}:\)

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