how many different outfits can be put together if you may choose one of 7 jeans, one of 4 shirts and one of 3 belts?

how many different outfits can be put together if you may choose one of 7 jeans, one of 4 shirts and one of 3 belts?

Factors and multiples
asked 2021-02-08
how many different outfits can be put together if you may choose one of 7 jeans, one of 4 shirts and one of 3 belts?

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The Fundamental Counting Principle states that if there are pp outcomes for one event and qq outcomes for another event, then there are p×qp×q ways of both events occurring.
Therefore, if there are 7 ways to choose a pair of jeans, 4 ways to choose a shirt, and 3 ways to choose a belt, there are \(7\times4\times3=28\times3=84\) different outfits possible.


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