Factors and multiples
asked 2020-11-11

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\(\displaystyle{\left({8}{s}{t}^{{{2}}}{u}^{{{8}}}{v}\right)}{\left({2}{s}{t}^{{{5}}}{u}{v}\right)}\) \(=(8\times 2)(s\times s)(t^{2}\times t^5)(u^8\times u)(v\times v) =(8\times 2)(s^{1}+1)(t^{2}+5)u^{(8+1)}(v^{1}+1) =(8\times 2)(s^{2})(t^{7})(u^{9})(v^{2}) =16(s^{2})(t^{7})(u^{9})(v^{2})\)

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