[Pic of triangle] Find the measure.

[Pic of triangle] Find the measure.

[Pic of triangle] Find the measure.

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The two tick marks on the sides of the triangle mean that those two sides are congruent. A triangle with two congruent sides is called an isosceles triangle.
The base angles of an isosceles triangle are congruent. The base angles are the angles opposite of the congruent sides. The base angles of the triangle are then x∘ and 13∘ so x=13.

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factor in determining the usefulness of an examination as a measure of demonstrated ability is the amount of spread that occurs in the grades. If the spread or variation of examination scores is very small, it usually means that the examination was either too hard or too easy. However, if the variance of scores is moderately large, then there is a definite difference in scores between "better," "average," and "poorer" students. A group of attorneys in a Midwest state has been given the task of making up this year's bar examination for the state. The examination has 500 total possible points, and from the history of past examinations, it is known that a standard deviation of around 60 points is desirable. Of course, too large or too small a standard deviation is not good. The attorneys want to test their examination to see how good it is. A preliminary version of the examination (with slight modifications to protect the integrity of the real examination) is given to a random sample of 20 newly graduated law students. Their scores give a sample standard deviation of 70 points. Using a 0.01 level of significance, test the claim that the population standard deviation for the new examination is 60 against the claim that the population standard deviation is different from 60.
(a) What is the level of significance?
State the null and alternate hypotheses.

\(H_{1}:\sigma\ <\ 60H_{0}:\sigma\ >\ 60\)


\(H_{1}:\sigma\ >\ 60H_{0}:\sigma=60\)

\(H_{1}:\sigma\ \neq\ 60\)
(b) Find the value of the chi-square statistic for the sample. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
What are the degrees of freedom?
What assumptions are you making about the original distribution?
We assume a binomial population distribution.We assume a exponential population distribution. We assume a normal population distribution.We assume a uniform population distribution.

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